Raving Fans

Everything has changed! My program offerings have quadrupled and I'm able to charge more than I was before. Most importantly, I have a strong vision for the future, a plan to implement it, and a community of people to support me along the way. I led a Workshop brought in nearly three times what I paid for the Certification Program! None of this would have happened without the Holistic Business School. I am living my purpose and helping more people than ever before. I've also experienced so much personal growth and healing - every aspect of my life has changed because of this program!

I had started my business and was making ends meet. But I was overworked, constantly stressed, and I didn't have a clear vision. I was undervaluing myself and my services. I wasn't sure how to take anything to the next level, and I had no idea how to build my dreams into a sustainable, thriving business without running myself ragged.

I've gained so much confidence. I teach art journaling and creative classes with a focus on healing. I never thought I'd have the skills to work with individual clients, even though many of my customers were requesting it. Now that I'm a Certified Holistic Life Coach through the Holistic Business School. I love being able to give personalized support to women. My program offerings have quadrupled and I'm able to charge more than I was before. Most importantly, I have a strong vision for the future, a plan to implement it, and a community of people to support me along the way.

When I began the Certification Program, I told Shelley that I thought I might like to do live events "someday" - little did I know I'd be doing one in just two months! But there was so much support for me. Shelley has a great workshop formula that takes a lot of the fear and guesswork out of planning an event. Plus, that one workshop brought in nearly three times what I paid for the certification program!

If you're ready to invest in yourself and take a leap, do it! It can be so scary to take that initial step, but the changes you will bring to your life and business are priceless. Shelley is an amazing, caring mentor who is dedicated to my success. She constantly pushes me outside of my comfort zone, but always makes sure I have the resources I need to take that next step.

Allyson Bright

Determined to Shine

It was once I started working with Shelley that I doubled my income after the 1st year reaching 6 figures and then I doubled that after 2nd year. The more I focused on the program, the better my business, finances and personal and married life became!

Before signing up for the Holistic Business Program program, I had a mature private practice of nearly a decade as a clinical nutritionist.  I was an expert in my field and loved what I did but I was overworked, stretched to the limit, underpaid and and felt like I was barely making it.  I only knew how to work harder and longer hours and I was doing everything by myself, even my own accounting. I was burned out, had no life, was noticing negative impact of this on my health, and did not see a way out. Moving and improving my personal and professional life did not seem like a possible option.

When I signed up, I was just dipping into some new business models that helped me financially a little bit. But it was once I started working with Shelley that I doubled my income after the 1st year reaching 6 figures and then I doubled that after 2nd year. The more I focused on the program, the better my business, finances and personal and married life became.

Shelley has a gift, expertise and an amazing insight and care and has always stepped in gently but firmly when I needed help. Her joy and spirit are just unbeatable and so contagious.  The work we did together was always very holistic, not just the business. She helped all aspects of my life.

The biggest improvements in my business have been hitting the 6 figures and doubling the income two years running. I also gained incredible insights into the spiritual aspect of my life, relationships, my business and my bigger mission. Last but not least, I was able to afford to move myself and my family back to our beloved North West.

To anyone considering any of Shelley’s program I would say- do NOT wait and take it. Jump in and do not look back! When I signed up first, I could not really afford the monthly payments for the first few months, but I made it, then my income started to grow fast! Whatever program you take, Shelley also continues to offer short and very practical online programs, which you do not want to miss either, so you just have to plug in and stay connected!

Dr. Kasia Kines

Holistic Nutrition Naturally, LLC

For the last two years, I have had a steady flow of AMAZING and IDEAL clients! I know that without a shadow of a doubt, there is, 100% no way I would be where I am today without the amazing support of the GAHP!

Before signing up for the program, I did not even have a business. It was just a thought when I signed into the Holistic Business School. I knew I needed a high level of support to turn my thoughts into an actual business!

SO MUCH has happened for me since I started with HBS! First and foremost, I had amazing breakthroughs, primarily around the intense fear I had with starting my own business, being visible and being paid for the services I offer.

My initial thought of what I wanted my business to be has grown and expanded way above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined. For the last two years, I have had a steady flow of AMAZING and IDEAL clients! I know that without a shadow of a doubt, there is, 100% no way I would be where I am today without the amazing support of the Holistic Business School!

The 3 most significant improvements have been:

  • my steady flow of clients,
  • my overall confidence has improved greatly and
  • I have learned amazing online and offline strategies that have allowed me to build my business from the ground up!

If you are considering any of the Holistic Business School Programs and you are on the fence, just take the plunge and do it!!!! It is so worth it!

Ronda Stevens

Founder of Ready, Set, Live Holistic Life and Wellness Coaching, LLC

Whew! Prior to signing up with Shelley and the Holistic Business School I was overwhelmed, anxious, on the verge of burn out, and somewhat frozen behind my computer trying to figure out on my own what my next steps were. I was coaching for an organization and was working way too hard, I was baffled about how my gifts and talents could create my unique brand and feeling totally frustrated for not fulfilling my bigger soul’s mission.

One day I received a free gift giveaway through an email and Shelley was part of the giveaway group. I signed up for her free gift and from there went onto her website and became very interested in Shelley’s work. I quickly resonated with Shelley’s online presence and joined THE GAHP membership. I became a huge fan of THE GAHP and especially her training calls from this program. When I was at my worst, I would listen to the archived calls before going to bed and I found a huge comfort, great value and a tremendous sense of healing from these recordings.

Soon after signing up for THE GAHP, I got another big wake up call that it was time to meet Shelley in person. Shortly after this wake up call, Shelley was having her 3-day live event in Wisconsin. I signed up immediately and I was on a mission to meet this woman named Shelley Riutta! I went to Shelley’s 3-day live event and knew very early on that Shelley was the person I needed to work with. I trusted my gut, invested in myself, committed, and signed up for Shelley’s Holistic Business School… Woo Hoo! Synchronicity at its best!!!

Wow! Shelley’s program offered me structure, systems, accountability, a supportive community, and a soft place to land my heart and soul! After enrolling in the Holistic Business School, I began to experience a huge shift in my energy level and an accelerated momentum to move forward with my dream of being a holistic entrepreneur, who is living life on purpose and being of service to the health and healing on the planet.

  • I clarified my niche and core messaging.
  • I finally invested in myself to get the proper training from someone who has a proven system that works and who I trust.
  • I am experiencing new levels of business confidence, self worth and I’m finally stepping into my entrepreneurial stilettos!
  • Marketing is becoming more of a curious, fun adventure rather than a dull, lackluster task to maybe get done someday in the near future!
  • My new rates reflect my self worth, self-investment, and the unique skills and excellence I bring to my work.
  • I regained my Inner Joy, Creativity, and Soul Satisfaction back.
  • I enrolled 4 ideal clients in one month
  • I experienced a major breakthrough in my mindset and the limited beliefs that were holding me back from creating the abundance and business of my dreams.
  • I am moving through a lot of my visibility issues and I’m actually having a good time networking!
  • I completed Shelley’s Certification Level 1 program and now signed up for Certification Level 2.
  • I opened a Facebook business page that is supporting me in building an online presence and attracting my ideal clients.
  • I’m creating a new, high end, well branded website that I’m proud of and reflects my core values and messaging, so I can be of service in an even bigger way to my ideal clients.
  • I am offering 3 month coaching packages and private VIP days, that are in alignment with my authentic purpose and I feel passionate about!

I would highly recommend Shelly if you want to release and transform what’s holding you back from being authentic, confident, and successful in your life and business. Shelly is genuine, fun, intuitive and a master at supporting you and your business and taking it to the next level. She possesses the remarkable qualities of being deeply ground spiritually while being a very smart, real world business coach.

Shelly has a dynamic, laser focused way of moving you through the false beliefs that get in the way of you stepping fully into your power and manifesting the life and business of your dreams. I have learned so much from Shelly and her community in such a short amount of time. I am eternally grateful to Shelly Riutta, her skillful heart centered coaching, and her amazing support team.

Lori Quirk

Founder of Catalyst for your Change Coaching

I was at the training for Shelley’s HBS Certified Holistic Life Coaching Program – Level 1 when I signed into the Holistic Business School program. I was two months into a six-month coaching program with another business coach. I had only learned about Shelley and the HBS Program a few months earlier and the training was the first time I met Shelley. By the end of the weekend I knew that I needed more Holistic Business School and Shelley in my life, both for my coaching business growth, and for the tools I was learning in order to help my clients get even better results.

Before I joined the Holistic Business School I was working with a business coach who helped me in many ways, but I was looking for something different to take me to the next level. Shelley is the fourth coach I’ve worked with and I can’t say enough about how powerful it has been working with her—she is rock star!!

It doesn’t matter if you are a holistic or non-holistic business owner, we all have blocks that prevent us from taken certain steps to grow. Sometimes those blocks are apparent and sometimes they are buried deep and cause cracks in our foundation. I feel that the inner work I’ve done to heal the deep fears and anxieties that have kept me stuck is what sets Shelley’s coaching apart from others I’ve worked with.

The next best thing about joining the Holistic Business School Program are the other participants. Everyone is incredibly loving and welcoming from the beginning, and they have become like family. Not only do I receive support from these amazing individuals, I get to provide support that helps me grow as well.

Since I began the program 3 months ago:

  • Signed on 3 ideal clients
  • Confidently raised my fees several times (tripling the fee for one of my programs!)
  • Been more invested in my mission, vision and business
  • Truly believe that the following are not mutually exclusive; that I can have a wildly successful business, great health, amazing personal relationships, and continue to grow spiritually
  • More confidence in the gifts I have to offer my clients and the world
  • Clarity around the focus on my coaching practice, and ideal client qualities
  • I've had the best week income wise ever, $4,103—in just 3 days in June!!

Only join Shelley’s programs if you want to meet amazingly supportive, caring, creative and kick-ass people Everyone has such a unique perspective and personal gifts to share with the group. It is a wonderful and loving group but from time to time we also gently and lovingly “call out” people when they’re hiding because that’s what we need to break down limiting beliefs that can keep us from growing.  This kind of support has made all the difference in my life and business and I feel like I am FINALLY on track with the highest Vision for my business!!

Dana Kowalewski

Founder and CEO of Spark Wellness Solutions

Prior to working with Shelley I had individual programs that were taking a lot of my time and energy. My business was referral based so I was managing feast or famine most of the time. In slow periods I was offering discounts which meant I was working more hours for less money and reinforcing my belief I had to struggle to serve my clients.
My business changed dramatically from the start of working with Shelley.  I immediately raised my program pricing, created two more levels of programs to create a program path; which included moving individual clients into high ticket group programs. The real impact was beginning to see my value. By scaling my business, my time and experience of serving clients started to feel commensurate with the income I began to produce. The second month after putting Shelley’s model in place I made 8x my monthly average income. Here are some more of the results I received from our work together:

1.Visibility - this includes the number of clients, program pricing because I am more comfortable with my offerings, and marketing reach. Visibility was a huge challenge at first.  I had become very comfortable with working hard in the background of my business although I didn’t get the results or satisfaction until I learned to be the “face” of my business too.

2. Group work is far more satisfying than 1-1. Clients create change much more quickly in groups and I enjoy the accelerated results in a group setting.

3. I have a higher level of confidence in my work than ever before.

Over the years I have looked at many business building programs. If you want a real business, not a hobby business, there is no better place to support your vision while learning the infrastructure necessary to be successful.  Building a business is multifaceted, Shelley and her team have proven training programs and support systems to address every level of creating a successful business and a rewarding life path. I come from a corporate sales background and yet I was too isolated and overwhelmed as a business owner.  Honestly, I don’t think I could have afforded to not join the program. In a very short period of time I have turned my vision into a reality and am on track to meet and exceed a  multi six figure business. 

Susan Hansted

Founder of the Institute of Possibility Thinking