Why The Holistic Business School?

Here at the Holistic Business School,

we believe that being a Holistic Professional is one of the most valuable, important careers in the world.

As a Holistic Professional you support the amazing transformation of each of your clients by helping them reconnect with their beautiful Spirits and move into their joy.

Through your work and the sharing of your unique gifts, you are literally helping transform the world, and it’s the Holistic Business School's mission to help you do that.

The Holistic Business School's approach is different because it not only supports a holistic approach in working with clients, but it also supports YOU
to transform
to align with your Highest Potential and Spiritual Destiny, so that you can freely and fully be who you came here to be.

It’s time to shift the energy on the Planet so more
people are living this way and you, precious woman,
are an important part of that shift.

We have key tenants that guide our transformative work. These include:

Viewing people as Divine precious Spirits – Spiritual beings having a human experience

Viewing people as already whole and complete Spirits who are struggling because they are disconnected from who they truly are – NOT because there is something wrong with them

Understanding that Joy is our natural state and healing is about reconnecting with this already-present joy

Understanding that Prosperity/Abundance is our Divine Birthright. It is the Divine Birthright of EVERYONE on the Planet

Understanding that Intuition is our natural guidance system in life and healing involves reconnecting with this powerful inner knowledge

Understanding that true healing addresses all levels – Mind, Body and Spirit – and that this approach creates the most lasting and profound healing



join the Holistic Business School

You have come to share your brilliance with the world, and the Holistic Business School is here to help you do that – to follow your calling and achieve even more than you might believe possible right now.

Through our Holistic Business School we’ll give you the tools and techniques to align with your Authentic self, heal your Conditioned self, and live consistently from that place while guiding others to do the same.

We’ll show you exactly how to plug into the Spiritual Guidance that is around you, and create practical, actionable steps for you to embrace your Spiritual Gifts and successfully spread them in a way that brings both you and those you impact wealth, joy and abundance.