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5 Keys to Answering the Call of Your Spirit

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November 28, 2020

You’ve been called. The sacred journey begins with a call. You might feel ready, or you may be uncertain and not willing.

You’ve been called.  The sacred journey begins with a call.  You might feel ready, or you may be uncertain and not willing. But when you receive the call, you must respond.  If you have been waiting for your life to turn out, the waiting is over. If you’ve been hoping for a sign, this is it! ~Denise Linn

I love transformation. I love the process of becoming all that we have come here to be.  We each have such vast potential and are being called right now to bring forward the unique solution that we bring.  And it is SO MUCH FUN!!!

What do you do when you feel that “Call” to expand?  The “Call” to express more, to share more, to step out into more visibility, to really stretch FAR beyond your current limits?  Do you willingly take the leap, arms outstretched fully into the expansion or do you retreat in hesitation and fear?

Recently when I was leading our GAHP Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching Certification Training here in Madison, WI I pulled a card prior to the start of the Training and I had pulled the “Answering the Call” card from the Denise Linn Sacred Traveler Oracle Card Deck.  I LOVE this card so much and knew it was so applicable to everyone in the Training as well as all of the members of our Programs–including you reading this post.  The above quote is from the description of the meaning of the card.

We are living in a time where Souls of Service are being called to stand up and step forward courageously with their gifts.  There are no limitations.  There is a wide open field where you can run as fast as you would like into your Dreams!  Here are some tips to answer the call!

6 Keys to Answering the Call of Your Spirit

#1. Recognize the signs that you are being “Called”.  It can be an internal pull or you may be getting signs outside of you that you are being called.  When I stepped forward to create and launch the Association I was feeling an inward pull and then my Mentor gave me an invitation to work more closely with her to develop it.  Many time people feel the call and nurture the dream but they never take the necessary action to bring it into form our get the right level of support to hold them accountable to really bringing that dream into form.

#2. Make the commitment to your “Call”– You need to make decisions that demonstrate clear commitments to your “Call” over and over again.  What it takes is calling upon your courage muscle over and over again.  Oftentimes my Clients will say–“If I am scared to do it, then that is what I must do!”  It is because oftentimes the gateway to the biggest progress is walking through the biggest fear that you have.  It loses it’s power once you walk through it and you see how much more capable you are than you believed you were.

#3. Recognize obstacles or challenges are not signs to stop but evidence you are making progress- When you move from a  lower vibrational frequency to a higher frequency there are a few things that shift.  The challenge is showing you that you have moved to a higher frequency already and that things are being re-arranged and reconfigured to support that upleveling.  Another thing that is happening is oftentimes your system is releasing old, stagnant energies from past trauma, false beliefs and fears that need to leave your system so you can be at this higher frequency more consistently.

#4. Move forward in faith and trust rather than retreat in fear and doubt- Many people just run endless cycles of having a dream, making a commitment, taking some action, bumping into a challenge/obstacle and then letting that take them out of the progression.  They then retreat in doubt and fear and then they feel less confident that what they want to do is even possible and stop trying.  You must commit, take action and when challenges come you re-commit and lean into faith/trust as you continue to move forward.  You will then be able to get to the gifts on the other side of the challenges.

#5. Lean into your Spiritual Support- You have a tremendous Spiritual “Team” that is working with you 24 hours.  Call upon them throughout the day with small things you need support with and the larger things as well.  Ask for help repeatedly.  Lorna Byrne who wrote the book “Angels in my Hair” shared that she sees millions of what she calls Unemployed Angels coming to the earth each day.  These are Angels that do not have a specific assignment and are waiting for a specific request from a person.  So ask away.  You not only have your own unique Spiritual support system but in addition you have this Angelic support available to you as well!

#6. Get Deeper Support to Hold You Accountable to your “Calling”- You need to be supported on a deep level by a Mentor and a group of like-minded people who deeply understand the process of courageously stepping into a calling and have committed to this process themselves.  One of my all time favorite supports I recommend is attending a Transformational Workshop that is focused on supporting people to live their Calling and working through their fears.   There is something about being in the room and having the energetic support for deep, life changing shifts as well as spiritual insights and breakthroughs.  We use my all time favorite process of Breathwork shorten the process of you releasing fears, moving into full confidence and tapping into a deeper connection with your Spiritual Team.  We have our annual Shine Event that we do every year and it is a container for deep transformation that is specifically for Souls of Service who are committing to bring their light into the world.   We have our Early Bird Pricing ending on Friday September 6th at Midnight we would LOVE to have you join us!  Go here for more details.

It is time for you to Answer Your Call and step into the light of your Spirit and share your unique Spiritual Gifts with a world that is waiting for you!!

Sending you SO much LOVE and SUPPORT!!!